Hair extensions are in high demand in Australia for several reasons. Hair extension salons can be found in many cities and towns across Australia. Some popular salon locations for hair extensions in Australia include Sydney, home to many hair extension salons with a range of options from budget-friendly to high-end. The Gold Coast is a popular destination for beauty and wellness services, and many hair extension salons are also located throughout the area. Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Cairns have also witnessed a rise in hair extension salons post the pandemic.

This article will provide tips on how to shop for premium hair extensions for your salon.

Determine the Hair Extension Type

The first step to shopping for hair extensions is determining the type of extensions you want to offer in your salon. There are two types of hair extensions: synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are made from synthetic fibres and are affordable but they don’t look as natural as human hair extensions. On the other hand, human hair extensions are made from real human hair, so they look more natural and can be styled just like your client’s natural hair. Therefore, offering premium human hair extensions in your salon is best.

Select the Right Hair Extension Texture and Length

When it comes to hair extensions, one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, it’s essential to offer a variety of textures and lengths to suit your client’s needs. Premium hair extensions come in different textures, such as straight, wavy, and curly, so having a selection of different textures in your salon is essential. Clients have different hair lengths, so it’s vital to offer a range of hair extension lengths to accommodate their needs.

Choose the Best Hair Extension Quality

The quality of hair extensions is crucial to their overall performance and longevity. Premium hair extensions are made from high-quality human hair that is cuticle aligned, meaning all the hair strands run in the same direction, resulting in a smooth and natural look. Remy hair extensions are considered the best quality hair extensions because the hair cuticles are kept intact and not stripped away during manufacturing. Choose Remy hair extensions for the best quality when shopping for hair extensions.

Choose the Right Hair Extension Colour

Matching the hair extension colour to your client’s natural hair is crucial to achieving a seamless and natural look. Premium hair extensions come in various colours, from natural shades to bold and vibrant colours. Therefore, offering a selection of hair extension colours is essential to match your clients’ natural or desired hair colour.

Invest in Quality Hair Extension Tools

In addition to investing in premium hair extensions, having the right tools to apply and style the extensions is crucial. Quality hair extension tools such as combs, brushes, clips, and heating tools can make a massive difference in the final look of the extensions. Invest in high-quality hair extension tools to ensure you provide your clients with the best possible service.

Summing Up

Shopping for premium hair extensions in Australia requires careful consideration of several factors, including hair extension type, texture, length, quality, application method, colour, tools, and maintenance. You can enhance your clients’ hair and salon experience by offering high-quality hair extensions and professional services. Following these tips, you can select the best hair extensions for your salon and provide your clients with the desired hair transformation.

Author Bio: Radhe Gupta


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